Cultivate the deeply connected homeschool life you crave.

Homeschooling is about so much more than where you choose to educate your children. 

You long to build strong family relationships and to connect with your kids while giving them a quality education. 

But how?

You don’t have to feel stress-out, overwhelmed, or frustrated.

Learn how you can start your day focused on what matters the most. Get access to 4 simple activities you can start doing today.

  • Grow your faith while helping your children grow their own
  • Connect with the hearts of your family as you build family relationships
  • Educate your children in a grace-filled atmosphere

Join a community of women committed to growing faith, connecting hearts, and educating minds.

Hi, I’m Kay!

I’m the mom of two homeschool graduates and author of the Middle School Extensions for the Trail Guide to Learning series.

I believe that being grace-filled, Christian moms fundamentally changes the way we approach educating our children—heart, mind and soul.

Homeschooling becomes about connecting our hearts to theirs. It’s about relationship.

And if we want to reach the hearts or our children, it starts with our own hearts, Sweet Mama.

Homeschooling is largely heart to heart. The methods and even the curriculum do not matter nearly as much as the relationship between child and parent.” —Dr. Ruth Beechick