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Learn how your high school student can complete a year of science labs for either Biology and Anatomy or Chemistry in just 2 days with College Prep Science!

Recently a friend of mine texted to ask how we handled science labs for high school. She has a 9th grader this year and is feeling the pressure of figuring out what she needs to do for a high school credit. I shared how we dissected multiple animals on my friends dining room table and bought a Chemistry kit that my husband did with our sons. (And how my husband also found out he should have gone outside to light the magnesium strip on fire 😳) Fortunately, she has a better option for science labs than we did.

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What You Need to Know About Science Labs from College Prep Science

1.College Prep Science offers two different science labs.

  1. Biology / Anatomy & Physiology.
  2. Chemistry

Students can take just one of them, or they can take both during a three day intensive. The best part: they don’t need to have had the classes yet! Mr. Landry gives them any background information they need for the experiments. And if they have already taken the class(es), then the labs will help solidify the concepts for them.

2. Science labs are taught from a Christian Worldview.

These labs are college-prep level and based on a Biblical worldview of creation and Science. Greg Landry, the founder and director of College Prep Science, explains that during these intensives,

We also focus on building critical thinking skills and developing a research and inquiry mindset with the resulting quality lab reports and thinking skills that affect every area of academics and life. As I once heard a pastor say, “think critically, deeply, creatively, and biblically.” God is glorified as we explore His Creation in depth… illuminating His creation – revealing His glory! —Greg Landry

3. Intensives are located in a variety of places throughout the school year.

You’ll find these intensive scattered throughout the eastern half of the United States. (Think of it as a great opportunity to plan a family vacation if you don’t live near one!)

The Benefits of Doing Science Labs with College Prep’s 2 Day Intensives

  • Expert teaching. Greg Landry has spent the last 20+ years teaching science as a college professor and homeschool dad. He has a Master of Science degree from Louisiana State University, but more importantly a desire to help kids understand science from a Christ-centered perspective so they know His creation didn’t happen by chance.
  • Focused learning. Some of my favorite courses in college were our three week mini terms. You took one class, all day, five days a week for three weeks. This total immersion in a class meant focused time to really dig deep without the distractions of other classes. These science labs will do the same for your kids—total immersion so they can focus and see the connections between the different experiments.
  • Cooperative atmosphere. Your teens will get the chance to learn alongside a group of like-minded students from all over the country. The will get to discuss all those “how” and “why” questions together.
  • Access to equipment and supplies. This is a huge benefit for homeschool families! You don’t have to search for lab equipment, dissection kits, or chemicals. And you don’t have to dissect an animal on your dining room table or send magnesium strip ashes floating through your kitchen 😉.

Check out these science labs today! Find out more 👉🏻 Two Day Science Labs! But that’s not all that is offered by College Prep Science!

Online Science Classes

College Prep Science also offers homeschool online science classes. You can read more about these classes here 👇🏻

Why Homeschool Science Online Might Be Right For Your High Schooler


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And because it’s an online class, anyone in the world is eligible! Go to College Prep Science and sign up today