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Joyful Contentment: A Study of the Book of Philippians


This study will take you step-by-step through a simplified inductive Bible study + journaling method that will help deepen your faith. Teach your kids from an overflow of your personal relationship with Christ with our Charlotte Mason inspired Student Pack resource. Includes a color version of the study, black and white version, and the Student Pack. Over 100 pages. [NOTE: This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped. Designed to use with a 3-ring binder or to be spiral bound!]


There’s a saying: you can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s true about a lot of things, but especially when it comes to teaching your children about faith. I want to help you “fill up” so you can teach the Word from a deep well.

But it’s more than that. You need Him, Dear Mom. Paul prayed for the church of Philippi saying,

And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God. Philippians 1:9–11, ESV

And that’s my prayer for you, too.

The Study

Do you want to dig into concepts such as purpose, humility, knowing Christ, and your thought life?

Do you long to cultivate joy and contentment no matter what your circumstances? I believe you can.

We’ll examine each chapter of Philippians through the lens, “How can I live in joyful contentment?”

This Bible study guide will take you step-by-step through a simplified inductive Bible study + journaling method that will deepen your faith. You’ll work through the steps of observations, interpretation, and application as you discover truth for yourself. The truth that transforms.

It’s divided into five lessons, and lessons two through five are each divided into five parts. It isn’t divided into weeks and days for a reason. Studying the Bible should never be something you are simply checking off because you are “supposed” to do it. My desire for you (and me) is to study the Word because we long to know God better. And as we know Him better, may love motivate us to grow in maturity and glorify Him. You don’t need to hurry through lessons to “keep up”! Feel free to linger over certain passages or lessons. If you can’t get through a complete part in one day, just pick up the where you left off the next (or the one after that!)

The Student Pack

I also hope, Dear Mom, that you will teach your children from an overflow of your heart. That’s why the Student Pack isn’t a stand alone study.

As Charlotte Mason said,

The Word is full of vital force, capable of applying itself. A seed, light as thistledown, wafted into the child’s soul will take root downwards and bear fruit upwards. What is required of us is, that we should implant a love of the Word; that the most delightful moments of the child’s day should be those in which his mother reads for him, with sweet sympathy and holy gladness in voice and eyes, the beautiful stories of the Bible; and now and then in the reading will occur one of those convictions, passing from the soul of the mother to the soul of the child, in which is the life of the Spirit. —from Home Education, Vol. 1 Part VI, emphasis added

Passing from the soul of the mother to the soul of the child. . .that sounds a lot like heart-to-heart homeschooling.

The lessons in this guide are based on Ms. Mason’s ideas about how to educate children and include the use of copywork or dictation; discussion, narration, memorization, and drawing.

Teens can do the same study as you (I even made a no frills, black and white version for your teen boys), but I’ve included memorization passages for them in case you want your older students to do memory work, too. And if you have a variety of ages you are teaching, your teens can definitely sit in on the Bible story time you have with your younger students. The Bible stories all correspond to the concepts you are learning in Philippians.

The Student Pack includes:
👉🏻 Bible stories that complement your study of Philippians
👉🏻 Notebook pages for copywork and drawing
👉🏻 Memorization passages
👉🏻 Ideas for additional learning activities
👉🏻 Discussion questions
👉🏻 Journaling notebook pages with prompts for elementary students
👉🏻 Blank journaling notebook pages
👉🏻 Additional notebook pages to use however you want

Joyful Contentment: A Study Of the Book of Philippians is the first study in the Bible Study Journaling Series.


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