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Growing Faith: Establishing Strong Deep Roots


Cultivate a deep relationship with God through prayer & Bible study! Includes instructions and a variety of printable pages to customize your own Spiritual Growth Notebook & Journal binder. 81 pages. [NOTE: This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped. Designed to use with a 3-ring binder!]


I’ve heard over the years that homeschooling provides an environment for us to keep the hearts of our children, but that isn’t possible if God doesn’t have our hearts first.

How can we speak to the hearts of our children if our relationship with God is a mess? How can we point them to the love of God if all they see is an irritable, tired, and stressed-out mom? And if our relationship with God isn’t a priority, don’t we risk making our families, our children, and our homeschool the center of our world—a place only God deserves?

I’m not talking about perfection, of course, but a desire to grow in our relationship with God, to love Him and trust His character, to strive to walk “worthy of the manner to which we are called.”

So as homeschooling moms, we have to nurture our own hearts first so that we will be able to speak to our children’s hearts. We must draw deeply from the well of God’s wisdom and strength in order to give to our children daily.

Growing Faith: Establishing Strong Deep Roots will help you cultivate a deep relationship with God through prayer & Bible study.

Create a spiritual growth notebook & journal so you can be consistent in your time with God.

“Oh, boy! I’m a veteran Christian who needed refreshing, and this workbook spoke to me. It is simple, but don’t be fooled—there is LIFE breathing out of the pages! Kay is so real, and so non-judgmental. I needed that right now as a homeschool mom in a very ‘religious’ town. And there is a special math problem in the ‘Digging Into The Word’ section that I hope rocks your world like it did mine. —Amanda, Experiential Grace

Know the Lord in a deeper, more personal way.

“In a world where it’s very easy to get caught up with doing all the right things, especially when it comes to homeschooling our kids and making sure that they have the right structure and support, Kay has created a resource and tool to help moms learn how to be the mom our kids need us to be by first tapping into the strength and power that we have through our faith in Jesus Christ. Kay focuses first on the power of prayer and helping develop healthy, deep prayer habits to sustain ourselves, our husbands, our children, and our future families. And then she helps us develop healthy scripture reading and study habits. Both aspects are supported by fantastic printable journal pages that can be used as structure or supplement as you work on growing faith.
—Jennifer, More Mommy Moment


  • Why journaling will help you in more ways that you might think, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer
  • 4 problems with prayer, and what you can do about them
  • How to study the Bible in a way that you are transformed by the truth.
  • A system that will help you be more consistent in your time with the Lord.

“I absolutely loved Growing Faith! It is an amazing resource for those of us Christians trying to spend more time in the Word. It has really helped me to be more diligent with making time everyday to grow my faith no matter how busy I am. Being able to use the workbook is vital for me as someone who needs to put pen to paper to focus my thoughts. Beautifully put together!
—Barb, Making it Home

“I love how complete this is! It’s filled with simple, easy instructions for beginning Bible study and prayer journaling. Plus, there are so many variations of printables to choose from to set up your own journal. I can’t wait for my middle school daughter and myself to start using this together!” —Tracy, Growing in Grace

Growing Faith Includes:

  • Some of the most popular posts on faith from Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling
  • Workbook questions to help you think about your faith
  • New articles including A Simple Guide to PrayerA Simple Guide to Bible Study, & more!
  • A simplified overview of the Inductive Bible Study Method
  • Almost 30 pages of printable pages so you can customize your own Spiritual Growth Notebook & Journaling binder

“In Growing Faith, Kay encourages all Moms with this simple truth: We need to nurture our own faith and relationship with Christ. Her tone is kind, as one smiling from the next lane, helping us take practical steps in our journey. I’m grateful for the probing questions Kay asks, and her ability to unpack Scripture in a clear way.” —Karen, Lightly Frayed

NOTE: This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped. Designed to use with a 3-ring binder!


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