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Misty Leask from Year Round Homeschooling shares how faith can impact your homeschool!

Faith. It is the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen, according to Hebrews 11:1. This verse reminds me so much of a homeschool mom’s journey. It all begins with a calling from the Lord. To go against the norm, keeping our children home to teach them on our own. We begin without knowing what we’re doing, with no idea what it will look like along the way and no picture of what the end result should (or even could) be.

I truly believe that faith is essential to the homeschooling journey. Yet, how exactly does faith impact your homeschool? What difference does it make to each member of the family, to your homeschool, and to you?

8 Ways Faith Can Impact Your Homeschool

Spiritual Walk

Each member of the family’s spiritual walk is important to your homeschool because it affects the spirit of your homeschool. When you spend time studying God’s Word, praying and walking with Him, you’re continually strengthening your faith – which impacts every part of your life, even your homeschool journey.


Homeschooling families spend a lot more time together than most families have the opportunity to. This is a tremendous blessing, but it can be a struggle at times too. When faith is a focus in your everyday life – individually and as a family – time with family is sweeter because you know without a doubt that God placed you together for a reason.

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Attitude is a large part of a homeschooling journey. There will be frustrating days and ensuring that attitudes are in check is important. Faith has a significant impact on attitude. Having a faith-filled spirit helps to keep our attitudes in check – whatever may come our way.


Faith is important to schoolwork because there will be subjects that are more challenging than others. Having faith that no matter what the day may hold, God will give us the strength to complete what is laid before us is essential to each homeschool day.

The Best Question to Ask as a Homeschooling Mom


There comes a time when homeschool kids are ready to get a job. It can be difficult to know “what I want to be when I grow up”, much less figure it out in the teenage years. Faith can make a tremendous impact during this time of your children’s lives when they learn to “let go and let God”.


Volunteer opportunities are a great way to live out your faith and share it with others. In the world we live in today, often it is all about looking out for yourself. The greatest way to change the world is to be the change you wish to see.


A homeschool mom is not a housekeeper. She doesn’t make all the messes, so she shouldn’t be expected to clean them all up, all the time. Children can help with clean up from the time they are toddlers, and in doing so refresh their mother’s faith and spirit while being helpful.


Who you spend time with shouldn’t change who you are. When your faith is genuine and your relationship with the Lord is strong, your friends will be able to see you living it out. It is essential that you are willing (and able) to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Why “What About Socialization?” Is a Good Question

Your children need to learn and grow their faith. By homeschooling your children you have the opportunity to make faith a definitive part of your homeschooling journey. This is an amazing benefit of homeschooling. Don’t miss out on it! Faith can impact your homeschool is so many ways. Personally, I can’t imagine homeschooling without it.

How does faith impact your homeschool?


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