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I was given access to for a limited time to test it out in exchange for my honest thoughts on the program.

My oldest will graduate college in 3.5 years instead of the traditional 4 or more. Although he lives with us and goes to a local university, one semester at his college costs approximately $4500. Our youngest chose a college a few hours away where the cost per semester, including room and board, averages $12,000. Even reducing their college careers by one semester saves us $16,500.

And thanks in part to’s CLEP test prep product, that is exactly what our boys are on track to do.

How to Save Money and Still Attend a Traditional Four Year University

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After graduation, both of our homeschooled sons wanted to pursue a four year, traditional college education. Obviously the cost of a college education can overwhelm many families. We are fortunate not to bear the whole load between scholarships, grants, and generous grandparents. But we are still responsible for a significant amount of money each year.

Families have many options to reduce the cost of a college education even when their children choose to get a traditional degree including:

  • Earning both high school and college credit through dual enrollment.
  • Taking some of their classes at a junior college.
  • Receiving credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or other testing programs.

Although we have used each of these options, the one that has saved our family the most money is testing out of courses using the CLEP program.

What is a CLEP test?

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. CLEP tests are designed to show whether a student has mastered content in a particular subject in order to grant college credit for it. With over 30 exams available, most students can earn credit for courses offered at their college of choice.

Although there is a fee for the test, and sometimes an additional fee for the institution that a student takes them at, CLEP tests are a fraction of the cost.

You will want to be sure to check the colleges your child is considering before choosing CLEP exams to take. Each college accepts different exams and requires different scores to receive credit for those course.

What are other benefits of “CLEPing out” of courses?

Of course there is the financial benefit of earning credit through CLEP program (my personal favorite 😉), but there are others too:

  • Saving time as well as money. With over 30 exams available, students may be able to complete a four year degree in as little as two years. And they can start earning credit while still in high school.
  • Not repeating coursework they have mastered. My oldest son was excited to CLEP out of United States History 1 & 2 courses. As a history major, he applied the hours toward his elective courses and took Western Civilization instead.
  • Spending less time on courses unrelated to their areas of interest, so they can concentrate on those they love.

But in order to experience these benefits, students have to actually earn the scores on the CLEP tests required by their college of choice. And that is where comes in.’s CLEP Test Prep Program

We were actually introduced to when my oldest was in high school. I was excited to review it because we had already experienced the results. 

This is what my son had to say about’s CLEP Test Prep Program:

It was simple. You could study for as long or short period of a time as you had. It also covered all of the necessary details to pass the CLEP tests that I took. The informative videos helped me learn more than I would have just reading a textbook.
I even took the History of the United States II test during college two years after taking the class in high school. It was the only prep I did and I was able to get credit for the course.
—Ben Chance, College Senior
And students have multiple courses to choose from. CLEP study guides are available on for over 30 CLEP exams. But what makes them such a great choice?

1.’s CLEP Test Prep Program is designed with multiple learning styles in mind.

Auditory learners get to hear, as well as see and read the lessons, through the short, engaging videos.

Visual learners will not only benefit from the videos, but they will also be able to read the lesson transcript. And no matter what the dominant learning style of your student is, all students benefit when using multiple learning modalities. 

That is why I recommend  students watch the videos and read the transcript of the video. They can even use the transcript to take notes. By writing down the information, it is reinforced using yet another one of the senses.

Or they can print out the transcript and highlight key facts to help them remember the information. The beauty of the program is that your student can use it in the way that works best for him or her!

2.’s CLEP Test Prep Program is customized for each student’s experience.

Besides the different options on how students can learn the information,  they can take a pre-test and only go through the information they need to learn. You’ll notice at the top of each course, there is a button that says “Take Practice Test.” (And y’all I found out how much I would need to study to take a CLEP exam when I took the History of the United States 1 practice test. Oh my!  But my history loving son scored a 71 out of 80 on his CLEP exam after using!)

When they start their course, they can even indicate when they would like to take the CLEP exam. Your student will receive email reminders to help keep them on track to accomplish their goals.

3.’s CLEP Test Prep Program provides students with immediate feedback.

After viewing’s test prep video and reading the transcript, students can take a short quiz to assess whether they remember the material. But no problem if they get a question wrong, because they can view the correct answer on the same page. ( grades quicker than I ever did!)
And after taking CLEP practice tests (see #4 below), they know exactly what areas they still need to work on.

 4.’s CLEP Test Prep Program builds students’ confidence.

Often students experience test anxiety because they don’t know what to expect. By taking the free CLEP practice tests, they will know what type of questions will be on the actual test. Plus, based on the feedback they receive after each practice test, they will know what areas they still need to work on. And knowing their strengths is definitely a confidence booster 🙂.

Start Saving Thousands of Dollars on College

Yes, your student will have to put in the work and study to pass CLEP exams. But’s CLEP Test Prep Program is a great tool to set them up for success.

And you can SIGN UP for a FREE TRIAL to see if it is right for your student!